Better physical health leads to your happiness

a.       What makes you happy?

Do you think that at different times of your life, different things made you happy?

Do you think that your happiness relates to better physical health? Or do you think better physical health leads to your happiness?

b.      We discussed three indicators of health that have been studied worldwide—infant morality, life expectancy, and subjective well-being. What other indicators do you think are important for assessing a country’s health and well-being? How would you measure it?

c.       Choose a health outcome (such as obesity or other disease). Adopting a biopsychosocial perspective, identify and describe biological, psychological, and social factors that may contribute to the development of the health outcome.

The immigrant paradox has been extensively studied in the United States and Canada. The paradox refers to the finding that immigrants tend to do better than native-born individuals on a number of health indicators despite the many challenges associated with immigration.

Do you think you would find the immigrant paradox in other countries with large numbers of immigrants? Think about how health beliefs, behaviors, norms, and social structures and institutions of different countries may affect whether health outcomes of immigrants versus native-born individuals may differ.



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