Behavioural psychology

Gloria is taking a behavior modification class and has to do a self-management project. The behavior she has chosen to modify is her hairtwirling. She has defined this behavior as any instance in which she reaches up to the back of her head and wraps hair around her finger. The first step in her self-management project is to develop a behavior recording plan. Because she usually does the hair-twirling in her classes, she decides to record the behavior immediately after each class period. She will keep a 3  5- inch note card in her purse, and as soon as she leaves the classroom, she will get the note card out of her purse and write down the number of times that she twirled her hair in the class.

a. What is wrong with this behavior recording plan?

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Behavioural psychology
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b. What changes would you make to improve it?

Eve plans to start a weight-lifting program. She wants to record her behavior once she starts the program so that she can measure the changes in her behavior as the program progresses.

Describe how Eve could use frequency recording, duration recording, and intensity recording to measure her weight-lifting behavior.

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