Behavioural psychology

Merle is a young adult with autism who lives in a group home with five other adults. Merle engages in disruptive and self-injurious behavior (head-slapping, screaming, and rocking back and forth). Functional assessment results indicate that the behavior is most likely to happen when he is in the midst of commotion and activity. The problem is least likely to occur when Merle is in his room by himself listening to music or thumbing through his baseball card collection. The worst times are transition times to and from work, when the other residents are all present in the living and dining area, waiting to get on the van or having just gotten off the van. When Merle exhibits the problem behavior, the other residents usually disperse and the commotion and activity diminish.

Describe how you would implement an antecedent procedure by presenting an abolishing operation for the behavior.

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Behavioural psychology
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Describe how you would implement an antecedent manipulation in which you presented the SD for alternative behavior in an attempt to decrease the problem behavior.

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