Behavioural psychology

Ever since Stanley left home and came to school, family and friends have written letters to him. However, he rarely writes back. He wants to, but he never seems to get around to it. He is in school most of the day and he spends about 1–2 hours studying per evening. The rest of the evening, he watches TV (he has 200 channels on cable) or videos, or he spends time in the game room playing pool, PingPong, or video games.

Describe how Stanley could apply antecedent control procedures to help himself write letters to the people who write letters to him.

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Behavioural psychology
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Describe as many of the six antecedent control procedures as possible that you can apply to Stanley’s problem.

Melanie’s physician suggested that she needed to drink six 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Melanie is a graduate student who comes to school in the morning and goes back home after 5 P.M. She has an office where she spends most of her time when she is not in class. Right across the hall, there are a number of vending machines. She gets coffee and soda from these machines four or five times per day.

Describe how Melanie could apply four of the six antecedent control strategies to help herself drink the six glasses of water per day.

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