Behavior Lab Report


· A minimum of 4 sources are required. At least 1 of these must be primary sources.

· Sources must be cited as they are used!

· Sources should be plentiful throughout the introduction and discussion.


· 12 point Times New Roman font

· 1 inch margins

· Page number and last name in the bottom right-hand corner of each page

Ex.) Last Name, #

· Include:

‒ A cover page including name, title, date, and class

‒ 4-6 pages of writing (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion)

‒ 1 or more pages with figures..graphs, tables, and pictures (these can be incorporated into text)

‒ 1 separate page with table of raw data and the setup of your statistical test (this may be handwritten or typed)

‒ 1 page of Literature Cited

· Additionally, be sure to include RELEVANT STATISTICAL INFORMATION in the legend of the table or figure. That means the name of the test, the calculated value, the degrees of freedom and the statistical decision. You will also present this information in the text of your results. For example:

“Figure 1. t-Test, d.f. = 16, tcalc (4.106) > tcrit (2.120).”


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