Bahla Fort 1

I already wrote 3000 words so you should add based on it and based on the comments the instructor gave me.

Just add on the resources I got if needed, I will upload my rough draft that you should add on, please don’t delete anything from it accept the paragraph you will see in the comments (the instructor asked me to delete it)

Final draft of a 4,000- word heritage management plan report with bibliography on a selected site or aspect of heritage in the Gulf, with recommendations for future management strategies.

General Comments: Overall, this is a good rough draft. It is relatively well written and well organized, but it needs more in terms of specifics and detail, as well as more graphics.
Executive summary: It needs an executive summary.
Site definition: Very developed, although there are some errors (500AC, etc.), and occasional plagiarism/ if you plagiarized more I will put F for the assignment . (
Management structure: This should be much more developed, including the national and international bodies involved in its preservation, as well as their responsibilities.
Principles of planning: This is a good start, with a nice focus on preserving the buildings, but more detail regarding the tourism aspect of the phasing would be very helpful.
Research and Preservation: Regarding research questions, what are they specifically? What universities will be involved? Also, more focus on actions to preserve specifically.
Awareness: Some great ideas here, just needs to be more specific on certain aspects, and you can remove the first paragraph. Some of these ideas can also be moved to the planning section above.
Resources: This is a great start, but should be more developed, with a budget and staff list.
Sustainable use: Very good section on sustainability.
References list needs to include websites.

This comments based on what I wrote but uncompleted: so answer them within the uncompleted answer and delete the paragraph he mentioned in the comments.
How do I plan to create the awareness

Which social media app ill be using

How is the marketing going

Outline the costs (budget?)

All sites should be cited

no plagiarism
please follow rules and instructions


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