Assignment: What is Democracy? Documentary

Based on the film, What is Democracy?, respond to the below question. Paper expectations can be found below the prompt.


First, define democracy as you see it in the film. Then, explain how fear operates in such a democracy.

Formatting expectations:

1) Your heading should match the one here, seen above. The page number in the right-hand corner of the header, followed by (outside of the header) your name, the date, course, and assignment.

2) A clear title must also appear at the top, just like here. The assignment title is not your paper title.

3) Only one space between paragraphs and after your title, like above

4) Your paper must be 1-2 pages in length

5) 12 point, Times New Roman font

6) Double spaced

7) Properly cited

watch the film on vudu i will give you my login in private chat. i bought it already.


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