Artificial Intelligence

State the Traveling Salesperson Problem. Name three blind search algorithms. In what sense are blind search algorithms blind?

Compare the three blind search algorithmswith respect to: completeness, optimality, and time-and-space complexity. When is dfs preferable to bfs?

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Artificial Intelligence
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Why is search an important component of an AI system?

What is a state-space graph?

Describe the generate-and-test paradigm.

What properties should a generator possess?

How does backtracking improve on exhaustive enumeration?

Describe the greedy algorithm in a sentence or two.

Solve the False Coin Problem for 12 coins. Only three combinations of coins are permitted to be weighed. Recall that a balance scale returns one of three results: equal, left side is lighter, or left side is heavier. Solve the Mini False Coin Problem weighing only twice, or prove that this is not possible.

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