Artificial Intelligence

1. Search the Internet for material regarding the work of managers and the role analytics plays in it. What kinds of references to consulting firms, academic departments, and programs do you find? What major areas are represented? Select five sites that cover one area, and report your findings.

2. Explore the public areas of Prepare a list of its major available resources. You might want to refer to this site as you work through the book.

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Artificial Intelligence
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3. Go to Find information on the five styles of BI. Prepare a summary table for each style.

4. Go to, and click the Hyperion link under Applications. Determine what the company’s major products are. Relate these to the support technologies cited in this chapter.

1. Go to the TUN questions site. Look for BSI videos. Review the video of “Case of Retail Tweeters.” Prepare a one-page summary of the problem, proposed solution, and the reported results. You can also find associated slides on

2. Review the Analytics Ecosystem section. Identify at least two additional companies in at least five of the industry clusters noted in the discussion.

3. The discussion for the analytics ecosystem also included several typical job titles for graduates of analytics and data science programs. Research Web sites such as and to locate at least three similar job titles that you may find interesting for your career.

4. Go to Brain space at MIT lab View the video about “Augmented Human Intelligence.” Find the activities that deal with the enabling of meaningful combination of people and machines. Write a report.

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