Argumentative Research Essay

For your final assignment, you must choose a research question below, determine your own stance, and write an argumentative research essay, 750-1100 words in length that both support your stance and refutes counter-arguments.


Are chemtrails dangerous?
Are dating apps harmful?
At what age should sex education be introduced in schools?
Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea?
Is fashion important?
Is reading ebooks (or audiobooks) worse than reading paper books?
Is the flu shot dangerous?
Is vaping a solution to society’s addiction to smoking?
Should daylight savings time be abolished?
Should fracking (hydraulic fracturing) be banned in Canada?
Determine your own stance in relation to the research question. This is your argument. Be sure you understand the difference between argument and opinion! This is not an opinion-based essay. The textbook (p. 226) offers a very good explanation of the difference between fact, opinion, and argument.
Your tone should be professional and academic. Your essay should not contain the phrase “In my opinion…”.
Document (i.e., cite) all of your sources in APA format; use in-text citations within your essay and include a list of references at the end of your essay.
For this assignment, you must incorporate at least three credible sources and at least one scholarly source. I recommend more than the minimum here.
With the addition of in-text citations and a Reference section, there are more APA elements required in this assignment. So, this assignment will require you to do more APA formatting than what was required for Assignment 1, 2, and 3.


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