Are Vitamin Supplements Always Helpful or a Waste of Money?

Nutrition Short Report RubricPlease write a 2 page short report on any one of the following topics:1. Diet and Its Relation to Cancer: Benefits and Hazards2. US Government Policies on Nutrition: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly3. Are Vitamin Supplements Always Helpful or a Waste of Money?4. Mushrooms as Superfoods: Mushroom Varieties and their Nutritional Benefits5. The City of Philadelphia’s Policy on Taxation of Sweetened Beverages to Fund Education: Good or Bad Policy? Short Report RequirementsThe report must be two pages in length, no illustrations, double spaced Arial font. The report must cite facts and not be just an opinion piece and not simply be a copy/paste from an on-line website. Please include at least five relevant facts or references to articles or media that relate directly to the topic. The report has 20 value points and your final score is qualitatively based on including the above stated requirements. The report must be received no later than November 13th for credit. Late reports will not be graded


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