Are they consistent with what is done in the clinical area?

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Are they consistent with what is done in the clinical area?
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Topic: NSG 410 – Research and Evidence-based Nursing Practice

Details: Discussion Forum 1 –

In research, regardless of how significant or researchable a question may be, pragmatic considerations such as time, availability of subjects, facilities, equipment, and money,  experience of the researcher, and ethical issues may cause the researcher to decide that the question is inappropriate because it lacks feasibility.

Through your clinical rotation  you have been able to observe current interventions or procedures that differ from what you have read in your textbooks or are being taught in this program. This is a dilemma because of the time it takes to translate research into practice. In practice, you might have likely developed clinical questions comparing the effectiveness or usefulness of certain interventions/ treatments to another or the gold standard.

Think of a time during your most recent clinical and consider the feasibility of researching the topics below. Respond on both by answering the questions that follow.
a. Rates of hand washing by CNAs on the unit
b. Rate of self-turning by patients on the unit (how many times per hour are patients turning themselves)

1. Give examples of instances where these were used in the hospital.
2. Search the literature and discuss how these should be done (support with a reference) . Are they consistent with what is done in the clinical area?
3. Based on your knowledge gained in class about feasibility, discuss the pros and cons of conducting a study on both hand hygiene and patient self-turning on the units. (support with evidence-based literature/Reference)
4. Which of the two do you believe will be more feasible research to conduct on that unit? (support with evidence-based literature/reference).

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