Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?

Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?

thesis statement to use :
Parents are never too busy to raise their kids for a successful future. So why are schools and teachers getting blamed for low test scores and unsuccessful students? As a parent I believe it is a 50/50 responsibility between the school and parents. The parents of a student have to take responsibility of having the kid that they made. The parent also has more control over them then the teacher. Additionally, the parent has more time with the student then a teacher does. I believe that it is not the teacher’s job to take care of our kids like they are the nanny.

A good argument is on a subject that is important, that can be debated, that can—in some way—better the lives of your readers. Argument, in many respects, is not solely about proving your point on a subject—it is about appropriately understanding and addressing the needs of your audience.
Think about your audience, the readers and writers and thinkers you have met in this class this term. What do you feel they need to hear? What subject do you feel is of greatest concern to them? Discover what most affects them where they live.

The ongoing theme of this semester’s essays has been about how we define home as an indication of how we live and why we live that way.. Now take an argumentative look at those circumstances. What issues can you argue? What problems need to be solved? What is the overall sense of our lives that we share as a community, nation, culture? What are concerns that affect you in your own home?
You will begin this assignment by thinking of three topics. I and your classmates will help you choose the strongest of those. You will need to consider the assignment, but you will also need to recognize this is not an “issue” paper. You will need to consult the Taboo List.
From the point of topic selection, you research will begin. I will be giving you some specific direction to start. And the rest is all yours.
You will need a minimum of 8 resources for this paper, and ideally they should take the following forms: 2 book, 2 periodical, 2 online, and 2 visual elements. Keep in mind that sometimes in order to get 8 strong sources, you may have to have significantly more to start.
As we will be discussing in class, argument is a merger of information and persuasion. It is a combination of opinion, supported by necessary fact, which has a direct connection to your readers. Arguments are logically woven proofs that account for both sides of an issue, that ask our readers to accept our views as the strongest or most valid assessment of any topic. We will also be discussing proof and the surest ways of developing your stance.
We will be covering the many components of argument in upcoming meetings. Argument is a big subject, and we will be taking our time covering elements of proof, logic, fallacies, and counterargument.


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