Advise on the benefits of defining the requirements of a proposed new informaion system.

Individual TopSat Corporation is an international business organization trading in the sale and reporting distribution of satellite technology around the world. The chief executive officer (CEO) activity has engaged your services to advise on the development of a marketing and sales information system to replace the system currently in operation. The CEO requires a 500-word summary, in which you should:

1 Indicate what tasks are to be performed in the various stages of the systems development process. 2 State the milestones and deadlines to be completed at each stage of the information systems development process. 3 Advise on whether employees should be involved in the development process and state the advantages and disadvantages of involving end users. 4 State the possible reasons why this information systems project should be initiated and advise on the benefits of defining the requirements of a proposed new information system. 5 Outline the costs and possible benefits of undertaking the systems development project and indicate and describe the possible tools and techniques to be used in the systems development project.


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