Advertisers and frequency of ads

1. Use the Internet to determine the top ten TV shows on commercial TV in your country. How would you determine the characteristics of the audience and the probable costs for a 30-second TV ad?

2. Using the data from 7-30, identify the top five TV shows. Monitor the ad breaks in these shows and list the advertisers and frequency of ads. What does the ad mix suggest to you?

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Advertisers and frequency of ads
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1. The Middle East region’s TV industry was worth more than $3.37 billion in advertising revenues in 2015. Using, discover the most popular forms of programming and the likely ad income from Pay TV.

2. In 2016, magazine ad spending in Malaysia stood at around $32 billion. In the role of the brand manager for a new perfume, research Malaysian magazines and ascertain the likely cost of full-page advertisements.

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