Activity 5

Sex Differences PSYC 4471 – Activity 5
White Like Me: Race, Racism & White Privilege in America

*Note: “race-blind” and “color-blind” are frequently named in this movie. A way to rephrase to make language less-ableist would be to say, “race neutral” or “race ignorant.”


1. What political movement was Tim Wise involved in during his undergraduate career at Tulane? How was this a reflection of his white privilege? (1 point)

2. What is the flaw in Black Like Me as discussed by Tim Wise? (1 point)

3. How is the first law passed by congress racist? (1 point) Provide at least one example of another law since then that reflects the racism underpinning our country and state how? (1 point)

4. Describe how these laws represent a double standard based on race. (1 point) *note this may come throughout the movie and you may want to revisit this question.

5. What are three material White privileges?

6. What is a psychological white privilege?

7. Describe your thoughts and feelings pertaining to the quote, “When you look into the mirror, you’re a woman; when I look into the mirror, I’m a Black woman.”

8. How was Obama’s 2008 election misused as an example of America being a post-racial society?

9. List 3 pieces of evidence that racism is still enacted today concerning wealth, education, and health.

10. How does incarceration reflect racism and “the new Jim Crow” (1 point) and what is the catalyst “war” for this mass incarceration of Black individuals?

11. In terms of college education, why is “reverse racism” a fallacy?

12. What is the racism underlying the Tea Party’s “we want to take our country back?”

13. How did media portrayal of Welfare distort public perception of Welfare and how did that harm Black and white people?

14. Why is not talking about race and not seeing a race not a solution?

15. What is the reason Black individuals may also demonstrate an implicit bias for positive associations with white faces over Black faces? Does this finding surprise you? Why/why not? (

16. What does color consciousness refer to?

17. If you are white, what does color consciousness look like in your life? If you are a person of color, what did you think of a white man’s call for color consciousness for white people?


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