For 2017 your corporation has current assets of $6,120 which includes inventory of $1,885, net fixed assets of $31,720, current liabilities of $4,491, long-term debt of 7,600, and total stockholder’s equity of $25,749 What is the quick ratio ratio for 2017? Please show your ratio and calculations in the space provided

1Mark the FALSE statement

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A If the rf= 003 and E(rX)= 005, then the risk premium of X is 002

B If an asset is above the SML, then is underpriced

C The beta of the market above portfolio is 1

D If the rf=003, var(rX)= 025 and the E(rX)=015, then the shape ratio is 024

E If the rf=002 and E(rm)=004, then the market premium is 001

2 You have two projects, both with no risk and the same time horizon Project A has a NPV of $6000 and Project B has a NPV of -$8000 If you can invest in one project or in both projects at the same time, what is the best course of action?

AInvest in both

BInvest in Project A only

CInvest in Project B only

DNone of the above options

ENeither A nor B

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