A company had a market price of $83.12 per share, earnings per share of $4.87 and dividends per share of $5.40. Its price-earnings ratio is equal to:


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32. The measurement of key relations among financial statement items is known as:

Financial reporting

Horizontal analysis

Investment analysis

Ratio analysis

Risk analysis


33. One of several ratios that reflects solvency includes the:

Acid-test ratio

Current ratio

Times interest earned ratio

Total asset turnover

Days’ sales in inventory


34. Dividing ending inventory by cost of goods sold and multiplying the result by 365 is equal to the:

Inventory turnover ratio

Profit margin

Days’ sales in inventory

Current ratio

Total asset turnover


35. A company’s transactions with its creditors to borrow money and/or to repay the principal amounts of loans are reported as cash flows from:

Operating activities

Investing activities

Financing activities

Direct activities

Indirect activities


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