Lauprechta Inc. has the following employees on payroll:

Semimonthly Payroll Number of Dependents
from Form W-4
Marital Status
Naila $5,800 3 Married
Wilfred $5,000 2 Married
Byron $3,600 0 Single
Annie $4,200 1 Single

Complete the table for taxes to be withheld for each pay period using the Percentage Method Tables for Manual Payroll Systems with Forms W-4 from 2018 or Later. (See Pub 17 2018 below)

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Employee name Amount Federal withholding tax Social Security Tax Medicare tax Total Taxes
Naila (3 married)
Wilfred (2 Married)
Byron (0 single)
Annie (1 single)

Prepare Form 941 including Schedule B for the first quarter of 2018. Assume that the payroll is consistent every pay period beginning in January through March 31 and that all tax deposits were made on a timely basis as required. Lauprechta Inc.’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 36-1238975, and its address is 1825 Elkhart Way, Columbus, GA 31904.

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