6a) A check returned by the bank marked “NSF” means    a. no service fee.   b.   no signature found.   c. not satisfactorily filled-out.  d.   not sufficient funds.

6b) If the month-end bank statement shows a balance of $58,000, outstanding checks are

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$15,000, a deposit of $7,000 was in transit at month end, and a check for $600 was erroneously charged by the bank against the account, the correct balance in the bank account at month end is

a. $49,400.
b. $50,600.
c. $65,400.
d. $66,600.

6c) If a check correctly written and paid by the bank for $724 is incorrectly recorded on the company's books for $742, the appropriate treatment on the bank reconciliation would be to   a. add $18 to the bank's balance.   b.   add $18 to the book's balance.   c. deduct $724 from the bank's balance   . d.   deduct $724 from the book's balance.   6d) A petty cash fund should not be used for   a. postage due.   b.   loans to the petty cash custodian.   c. taxi fares.

d.   customer lunches.

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