Gecko Grimsby sells specialist aquaria. In the 2008 financial year each aquarium sold for €1320. The variable costs of manufacture were €321 per aquarium and the total fixed costs incurred were €85 750.

If the selling price, variable costs and fixed costs are all expected to increase by 10% in the 2009 financial year, how many aquaria (to the nearest whole unit) will the company have to sell to make net profits of €50 000?

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a) 131

b) 144

c) 136

d) 124.

Gulf Gadgets manufactures chess sets. Each chess set sells for €185. Variable costs of manufacture are €78. The company’s directors are currently setting the budget for 2009. Fixed costs are expected to be €65 000. The selling price of a chess set will rise to €187 and the variable costs of manufacture are expected to increase by 10%. Break-even point for 2009 is estimated (to the nearest whole unit) at:

a) 607

b) 655

c) 642

d) 596.

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