Many companies have moved operations overseas in an attempt to reduce costs. For example, order fulfillment and customer service call centers are often located in nondomestic locations.

Discuss this issue from three points of view—customers, employees, and shareholders.

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Watkins has a $15,800 invoice that is due in 60 days. If Watkins pays the invoice in 10 days, it can take advantage of a 2 percent cash discount offered by the supplier. Alternatively, Watkins can invest the money and earn a 6 percent annual return.

Should Watkins pay the invoice in 10 days? Why?

Duckworth is a manufacturing firm that makes ping-pong paddles. Each ping-pong paddle consists of a handle, a wooden paddle, and a rubber backing for the wooden paddle. As the paddles progress through the assembly process, workers attach the handles and glue on the rubber backing. Identify each of these costs as variable, fixed, or mixed. Use V for variable, F for fixed, and M for mixed. Activity is measured as the number of ping-pong paddles produced.

________ A. Cost of shipping crates

________ B. Cost of glue

________ C. Cost of wooden paddles

________ D. Production supervisor’s salary

________ E. Cost of rubber backing for the ping-pong paddles

________ F. Utilities for the production facilities: water, electricity, and heat

________ G. Commission of sales personnel

________ H. Rent on production facilities

________ I. Wages of assembly workers

________ J. Cost of handles for the paddles

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