7-2 Final Project Submission: Written Proposal

Guidelines for Submission: Your written proposal should be long enough to sufficiently cover all necessary material, including key budgetary information and any external resources used in preparation; however, the number of pages is less important than the content and organization of the report. Your proposal should be organized logically, as it will be used to convince your supervisor and budgetary board (your instructor) to approve your changes.

For the final, you will be writing a proposal back to your SEC selected organization. Your proposal will be solely focused on making improvements or changes. As you see in the rubric, there are 4 sections you will need to work through. Towards the end of the rubric, you can also find specifics about what I will be grading or looking for when I grade.

Within a proposal, I would expect that if you are suggesting changes, you tell me (the fictitious CEO of your company) exactly how to make these changes and the end goal or benefits to making these changes. I would really not like to see you tell me in order to succeed, you need to reduce your expenses. Please tell me what expenses and some suggestions on how to reduce them.

This final is not an opportunity to copy and paste everything from all your milestones. I agree that there are some things that make sense and can be applied forward. But I don’t want to see upwards of 90% of your milestones submitted to your final. As you have read and learned week after week, you should have picked up on new things or learned new ways to express your thinking. I would like for you to approach this in that fashion. Excessive copying and pasting will not be graded. Your final is not to simply be a copy and paste of all your milestones.

Final Product: Written Proposal In Module Seven, you will submit a written proposal on your selected organization. You will provide an explanation of how the capital budget proposal supports the operational and strategic goals of the organization. You will be required to explain the value of the capital proposal in consideration of current trends in healthcare and to provide financial statement support and analysis. The written proposal should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. The final product will be graded using the Final Product Rubric.


Your proposal report should answer the following prompt: Considering the major forces in healthcare today, what improvements or changes would you propose for your selected organization? How would your proposal add value to the organization, and what impact would your proposal have in terms of the financial and budgetary considerations?

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed, but the proposal that you are creating may require you to address these aspects in a different order. Please organize your report in the manner that seems the most logical for your topic.


A. What are the major forces affecting the delivery of healthcare today? Discuss these forces and their corresponding impacts on today’s healthcare environment.

B. Impact of Forces: What healthcare service and delivery opportunities and challenges exist because of the forces discussed above? Define the challenges and opportunities that exist for today’s healthcare leaders.

C. Opportunities: Based on your analysis of the major forces, impacts, and opportunities provided, consider the specific organization that you selected. What opportunities exist for this organization, and how do these opportunities relate to the big-picture view of healthcare?

D. Proposal: What is your proposal for addressing identified issues or improvements within your organization? In other words, what changes are you trying to incorporate in your selected organization?

II. Financial and Budgetary Considerations

A. Financial Statements: What financial statements will you utilize in making your proposal, and how will you use these statements?

B. Proposal Impact: What impact will your proposal have on the organization’s financial statements? Articulate the impact using appropriate terminology.

C. Flexed Versus Fixed: How would your proposal be different if using a flexed budget versus a fixed budget? In other words, how would the use of one type of budget versus the other impact your proposal, and how would your proposal impact the budget? (Evaluate the differences between a fixed and a flexed budget.)

III. Proposal Justification

A. Ratio Selection: What ratios will you use to support your proposal and why? Select the ratio or ratios that would be the most appropriate.

B. Ratio Results: Calculate the selected ratios and articulate the results using accurate terminology. What do the results tell you about the viability of your proposal?

C. Short- and Long-Term Impact: Based on your calculations and financial statement analysis, determine the short-term and long-term impact on the organization and the organization’s financials. What is the short-term and long-term financial impact of your proposal for the organization? How can you plan to strategically mitigate the impact on the financials of the company, or how will your proposal help inform strategic planning in the short and long term?

IV. Closing Statement/ Conclusion

A. Added Value: What value will your proposal add to the organization? Justify the value or improvement your proposal will add for the organization, in consideration of trends in healthcare.

B. Justification of Proposal: How appropriate is your proposal based on your financial analysis? Justify your proposal based on the financials and budgetary considerations. If you feel that your proposal is not appropriate given your analysis, explain why, with support of your reasoning.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

 Articulate key managerial accounting principles in healthcare using appropriate terminology

 Determine financial impacts in healthcare by analyzing major forces affecting the delivery of health services

 Utilize financial statements to inform short- and long-term strategic planning

 Craft high-level proposals that address budgeting consideration by justifying spending for


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