Compile a leadership portfolio

During this topic, you will compile a leadership portfolio that encapsulates key assignments that helped shape you as a leader. How will this portfolio reflect your vision as a leader? How does it demonstrate your growth throughout the program?

Answer: This portfolio is going to be a brief description of the entire time I spent developing my capstone. The entire process from trying to find interns all the way to the final assessment is going to be discussed. The portfolio should show my vision as a leader based on the research put into the project. It was not created over one night and one course. It is an accumulation of over a year and taking aspects of each course to better my project. The project put me into a leadership role already without having the experience of it. For my desired career preparation and being orderly is one of the major skills needed, this portfolio will reflect those skills and shows the vision I have for this program. The purpose of the first year is to see if this project can be something that can happen year after year. It demonstrates my growth because each aspect being touched on involves something from a previous course. It may not seem like it and I may not even realize it myself but after reading back on my DQ and what is in my portfolio I know if I wrote it before completing this program it would be very rough. I now feel confident as a leader in knowing myself. With this course, I know what I need to do in order to be successful and reach my full potential.


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