Scheduling Resources and Costs

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Part1: Chapter. 8 Scheduling Resources and Costs. Read a topic from chapter 8 and write a summary on the topic and also answer the below question.

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

How can outsourcing project work alleviate the three most common problems associated with multi-project resource scheduling?
Part 1 needs to be 500 plus words and APA format.

Part 2: Read the Case “Power Train, Ltd.” at the end of Chapter 8 and respond to the following questions:

We have smashing systems for reporting, tracking, and controlling costs on design projects. Our planning of projects is better than any I have seen at other companies. Our scheduling seemed to serve us well when we were small and we had only a few projects. Now that we have many more projects and schedules using multi-project software, there are too many occasions when the right people are not assigned to the projects deemed important to our success. This situation is costing us big money, headaches, and stress!


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