Informatioan Technology

1.       You are about to bake a two-layer birthday cake with icing. Describe the cake-baking project as a work breakdown structure. Generate an activity graph from that structure. What is the critical path?

2.       Explain why it takes longer to develop a utility program than an applications program and longer still to develop a system program.

1.       Using the notation of your choice, draw a process diagram of a software development process that prototypes three different designs and choose the best from among them.

2.       Suppose your contract with a customer specifies that you use a particular software development process. How can the work be monitored to enforce the use of this process?

A large government agency wants to contract with a software development firm for a project involving 20,000 lines of code.The Hardand Software Company uses Walston and Felix’s estimating technique for determining the number of people required for the time needed to write that much code. How many person-months does Hardand estimate will be needed? If the government’s estimate of size is 10% too low (i.e., 20,000 lines of code represent only 90% of the actual size), how many additional person-months will be needed?

In general, if the government’s size estimate is k% too low, by how much must the person-month estimate change?



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