“How the Geography of Startups and Innovation Is Changing”

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part 1 half-page answer each question, not in one easy

At the beginning of this century, Argentine – once one of the world’s wealthiest nations- experienced a deep depression that put the majority of Argentines under the poverty line. The recession can be partly explained by poor economic policies and the forces of globalization that exported manufacturing jobs from Argentina to other countries. The following video describes how Argentinian factory workers responded to this crisis.

Please, watch the video and then answer the following questions.

1.How did Argentinian factory workers respond to the loss of their jobs?

2.Do you think a similar response would work in the United States? Why?

3.Do you consider these factory workers entrepreneurs? What does their future success depend on?

part 2 half-page

Please, read the article “How the Geography of Startups and Innovation Is Changing” by Richard Florida and Ian Hathaway” in your course pack: attachment

Also, review the website below and then answer the following question.


1.Based on the information provided in the article and on the website, please identify three top locations for the company featured in your international business plan project. Why would these locations be ideal for your company?


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