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For the next two assignments, you will be focused on conflict management. The options and methods available to human resources managers in terms of conflict management within a public organization are often clearly defined by policies and regulations.

For this assignment, select a public or nonprofit agency. You may use an agency that you have worked for or have come across in the headlines or in your research. You may also use the agency from the Unit 3 assignment. Within that agency, describe a situation that resulted in conflict between employees. Analyze and evaluate the methods used by the agency to resolve the issue. Conclude with at least three recommendations on effective conflict management based on what you learned from this situation.

Those recommendations will be revised and refined in the next assignment. In a 5–7 page narrative, address the following:

Provide a brief background on the organization or agency.
Analyze a situation that resulted in a conflict between employees.
Analyze the conflict resolution methods that were used by the agency.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the conflict resolution methods the agency used.
Propose at least three recommendations for effective conflict management.


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