Astrobiology at NASA News & Discoveries

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Discoveries are being made every week in astrobiology, and for this assignment I want you to read about several of them and report on what you think is the most interesting/exciting.

The best places to find the most important discoveries are from these three sources:

Astrobiology Magazine (Links to an external site.)
NASA Exoplanet Exploration News & Features (Links to an external site.)
Astrobiology at NASA News & Discoveries (Links to an external site.)
Read several recent articles (must be published after 2020 May 1). Then choose your favorite, and in one paragraph summarize the article and state the key results. Explain why the article is important – why is this newsworthy? Then in a second paragraph, state what made the article interesting to you. Be sure to give the title and date of the article at the start of your answer. As usual, proper college-level English is required. The assignment length should be one page. (I don’t care about font size, spacing, etc – you know what looks good and what does not. Please try to keep this to 1 side of a piece of paper.) Since you are listing the title and date at the top of your homework, there is no need to have a separate reference or citations section. However, please also include the URL (web address), and the author of the article (if given).

Added Feb 10: You may also use the following websites, specifically covering the exciting news about the three missions that have very recently arrived at Mars:

NASA Mars Perservance Rover (NASA) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover landing will be must-see TV (CNet) (Links to an external site.)
China’s Mars Mission Begins Orbit of the Red Planet (NYTimes) (Links to an external site.)
Welcome to Mars! UAE’s Hope probe enters orbit around Red Planet ( (Links to an external site.)


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