Management and unions in society today

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The final project will require you to reflect, engage and elaborate (explain why). Use the resources to support your logic. Please use subtitles in your final paper and be sure it is double spaced. Cite your sources.

For the best grade – You will make sure to answer these critical elements:

Students will provide a summary of the key lessons learned during the negotiating process of this course as well as a reflection on the other course outcomes. Below are specific points to include in the paper:

What is the role of management and unions in society today? How has this changed in the last 100 years?
How do the history of unions and the collective bargaining process impact negotiations today? What are some of the current trends or problems in labor relation practices?
Would this negotiation process differ if it involved a public compared to a private-sector union? Please explain.
How has this exercise increased your understanding of the collective bargaining process? What is your assessment of the value of mediation and arbitration in this process?
Explain the value of the various organizational leadership competencies (communication, problem-solving, teamwork, analytical skills, legal and ethical practices, strategic approach, and research) that are important to be successful in this type of negotiating process.


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