Political risks

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Part1 half page

Please, review the website below. Then answer the following questions.


According to this website, how can political risks (when materialized) hurt foreign businesses?
What are the major political risks involving the country featured in your international business plan project? You can find this information by clicking your country in the political risk map

part2 half page

When entering a foreign country, it is important to analyze what kind of environment that country provides for doing business. The PESTEL framework may help you do this analysis. Please, watch the video below

and review the related website

Then answer the following questions:

What are the key components of the PESTEL framework? What indicators can you use the measure them?
Please, collect some key indicators on the country featured in your international business plan project. You may use tradingeconomics.com, theglobaleconomy.com, data.oecd.org, and data.worldbank.org to locate these indicators.
What do these indicators tell you about the country of your interest
part 3 half-page

Doing Business website provides some useful information on how easy or difficult it is to conduct business in various countries. Please, review the website below and answer the following question:


What does this website tell you about doing business in the country featured in your international business plan? Please, note that you can find information on your country by using the Select and Economy tab.
part 4 half-page

Please, read Chapter 7 in your textbook and Huang & Madnick’s article in your course pack and answer the following questions.

1. Based on Chapter 9, Huang & Madnick’s article and this week’s lecture, how can international entrepreneurs mitigate political and legal risks before them happening?

2. What are the major legal concerns for entrepreneurs operating in international markets?


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