Healthcare Proposal

Design an Innovative Healthcare Proposal

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Details: Competency

Design an innovative proposal for healthcare that includes strategies for implementation.


After completing the first six months in your role as a BSN-prepared registered nurse, you are meeting with your Preceptor to discuss your progress. During the conversation, the preceptor asked if you have any suggestions to improve current nursing practice in the facility. Once you describe your idea, the preceptor states, “That idea is very innovative. You should consider presenting at a conference.” You identify a professional nursing conference that is currently seeking submissions related to innovative proposals in healthcare.


Design the innovative healthcare idea and complete an executive summary for the conference including:

A detailed description of innovative healthcare idea including strategies for implementation
Strategies are realistic, time-oriented, and relevant to practice.
Describe risks arising from the implementation of the innovative idea
Describe benefits arising from the implementation of the innovative idea
Describe facilitators for implementation of the innovative idea
Describe barriers to implementation of the innovative idea


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