Proprietary and contractual security services

1. If you were to develop a security operation within a major company—for example, The Boeing Company—would you favor having a contract, proprietary, or hybrid security organization?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using contractual security services?

1. What does the term private security mean?

2. What are the differences between proprietary and contractual security services?

3. What are the basic services typically performed by contractual security personnel?

1. What factors are increasing career opportunities in security?

2. Pick one area of security that interests you and discuss the career opportunities that presently exist.

3. How important is a college education for obtaining a position as a security manager?

If you were giving advice to someone contemplating a career path in security/loss prevention, would you guide that person to a program in criminal justice or some other field such as computer science? Does the educational path have any impact on the type of positions that are available?



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