Contingency plan or disaster-recovery strategyAA

1. Select a human and natural hazard in your community that may materialize into a threat. Explain in detail why this is a concern or issue.

2. Formulate a strategy for addressing the threats you identified in Question

1. For instance, what kind of contingency plan or disaster-recovery strategy would you recommend to address this threat?

2. Use a criminological theory to explain a security related issue.

1. Why should a security manager, or any person nominally in charge of a loss prevention function, be familiar with contract, property, administrative, and employment law?

2. What constitutes criminal activity? In other words, what are the essential elements of a crime?

1. Describe the U.S. federal court system. Include types, levels, and jurisdiction of courts in the description.

2. What are the elements of a tort?

3. Distinguish a tort from a crime and describe types of situations that give rise to tort liability.


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