Distinguish a tort from a crime

1. Why should a security manager, or any person nominally in charge of a loss prevention function, be familiar with contract, property, administrative, and employment law?

2. What constitutes criminal activity? In other words, what are the essential elements of a crime?

1. Describe the U.S. federal court system. Include types, levels, and jurisdiction of courts in the description.

2. What are the elements of a tort?

3. Distinguish a tort from a crime and describe types of situations that give rise to tort liability.

Do you currently use an identification card to gain access to your residence, to the educational institution you attend, or to a workplace facility where you are employed, or to use information technology systems in a facility?

If so, what data is stored in the card’s technology—your photo? fingerprint? a unique identification number? level of access authorized to you? If possible, speak with someone in the organization’s security department to find out how this physical security system has evolved over the years. For example, has the organization adopted more sophisticated technology



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