Write a pseudocode

You have been tasked to design a COVID-19 screening application for your campus. The guards ateach gate will screen the students and enter their details on the application. The capabilities andfeatures of the application should include a choice between the following functions:1. A screening survey which will allow guards to record the students’ screening data.2. Searching for a student’s details and status.Technical Requirements:1. The application should make use of Parallel arrays that will hold the details of the studentas it is entered along with their status (admitted/not admitted). No more than 300 studentswill be allowed on a campus at any given day and time.2. No student should be allowed access to the campus after 12h00 in the afternoonsregardless of whether capacity has been reached or not.3. If a student’s temperature is 38 degrees or more, they will not be allowed entry into thecampus.4. Each main task that the application should perform should be contained in a module andshould be called from the mainline logic.5. The code should reflect appropriately named variables, comments and indentation.

Q.1.1 Write the pseudocode that will accurately represent the application you aredesigning.(65)


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