Create a presentation on the Multinational Corporation

Powerpoint on Coca Cola.

For your final submission, you are to create a presentation on the Multinational Corporation you have been following throughout this course. i chose Coca Cola!! Your Unit VIII Portfolio submission should contain the following criteria:




Exchange rates

Currency forecast

This criteria then needs to be broken up into the following sub-components, for which you are to develop your presentation:

Diversification: Analyze and explain the steps taken by the organization to diversify their assets and integrate themselves into the growing global economy.

Investment: Determine how the organization borrowed and financed debt and equity within foreign and domestic markets. Discuss the impact upon their overall investments.

Management: Examine how the organization managed their assets and liabilities and how this affected their profitability and growth.

Exchange rates: Evaluate the effect of real exchange rates and the risk thereof, on the profitability of the organization, including the use of purchasing power parity.

Currency forecast: Discuss the effects of foreign currency swaps upon the organization and how this influenced their business decision making.

You should create a PowerPoint Presentation on the Multinational Corporation you chose within the first couple units. The presentation should be a minimum of 25 slides and contain all the necessary information. Any charts, graphs, or pictures should be appropriately cited using APA style writing


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