Consumer value

Go to the authors’ website at Choose one of the television ads. Which component of an attitude is the primary focus of the ad? Justify your answer. Which consumer value is being emphasized? Justify your answer. For the evaluation of alternatives, which method of evaluation would be used by most consumers? Explain why.

Which one of the trends in the consumer buying environment identified in the text does the ad target? Explain why. (Be sure to identify which ad you watched in your response.)

Go to the authors’ website at Watch the two advertisements for NOLA, The Times-Picayune. For each ad identify the component of attitude that you think is the primary focus and the personal value being emphasized. Justify your choice.

Who do you think is the target audience for these two ads? Explain why.

Which of the two ads did you like the best? Why? Were the ads effective? Why or why not?


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