Segmentation strategy

For the following firms, examine the companies’ Website to determine what segmentation strategy is being used. Describe the intended target market for the website.

What communications objective(s) do you think the company is trying to accomplish? What product-positioning strategy is being used? Explain your responses.

a. Seiko (

b. Emirates Airlines (

c. Sime Darby (

Go to the authors’ website at Watch one of the television ads for Ouachita Independent Bank, one of the television ads for Progressive Bank, and one of the ads for Centric Federal Credit Union. Identify which three ads you watched. For each ad describe who you think is being targeted using the methods of consumer segmentation described in the chapter. Define each of the approaches to product positioning described in the chapter. For each of the three TV ads you picked, decide which positioning approach is being used. Justify your answer.


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