Compulsive shopping behaviors

Compulsive buying and/or shopping takes place when a person becomes obsessed with making purchases, many of which are unnecessary or impractical. For college students and other individuals with compulsive buying behaviors, a primary influence is the family. Often one or both parents are compulsive shoppers. Families that display other forms of dysfunctional behaviors—such as alcoholism, bulimia, extreme nervousness, or depression—tend to produce children who are more inclined to exhibit compulsive shopping behaviors.

Why do dysfunctional behaviors among parents produce compulsive shopping behavior among children? Another component of compulsive buying behaviors is self-esteem. Again, self-esteem is partly inherited, but it also develops in the home environment.

How would self-esteem be related to compulsive shopping behaviors?

What influences other than family might contribute to compulsive shopping behaviors?

If an individual has a tendency to be a compulsive shopper, what can (or should) be done?


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