Social networks

In this part of the social media plan, explore all the major social media networks. Research each, looking at the size and makeup of the users. Does the brand target audience match the main users of the social network?

What kind of content is popular?

What is the culture of the social network?

Do these characteristics match brand, product, service, and big idea? Do the same exploration and comparison for blogs and forums. Could the brand benefit from a blog?

Which platform would be best?

What about a forum? Should the organization start its own, or participate in existing forums? Report all findings and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify the top social networks where the target audience is active.

2. For each social network, describe the main type of content and culture.

3. Find existing brand, product, or service blogs and forums. How could the brand participate?

4. Is there a need for a customer-support forum or other type of forum?


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