Brand and social media plan

Take an in-depth look at geosocial plus live video channels and features in social networking sites. Also analyze ratings and review sites and features on social networks.

How can these features benefit the brand and social media plan?

Where is the target audience? Are they checking in or looking up ratings and reviews about the products and services? Where are they doing it? W

hat can the brand do to leverage these features and influence conversation and discovery?

What type of content (text, photo, video, live video) is needed to best take advantage of these social services? Report all findings and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify geosocial and live video channels or social networks where the target audience is participating.

2. Describe the type of activity and content that is popular on each.

3. Find the rating and review networks where the target audience is most active. In what social networks or retail websites are they discovering ratings and reviews?

4. Discover and explain how the organization can best leverage this information about the brand to help meet business objectives.


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