Brand-content creation

Take the social media plan beyond marketing promotion and communication to other aspects of the Four Ps or Four Cs. What social media data does the organization need or could it benefit from? Are they launching a new product? Perhaps the brand could use social media insight into existing products or services for improvement. Or maybe the brand could use additional insight from consumers to create advertising, public relations, or social media content. What specific project could create a crowdsourcing campaign? Report all thoughts, plans, and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify needs traditional research is currently serving at the organization, and list how social media research could support those efforts.

2. Does the brand have an ongoing social media–monitoring system in place? What formal social research plan could be put in place?

3. List marketing projects, such as product design and advertising creation, or brand-content creation currently done in-house.

4. Of the list above, identify the top projects that could benefit from crowdsourcing. Explain how and why


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