Write a short report on CASE rulings

The Advertising Standards Authority (www.asa.org.uk) regulates advertising in all media in the United Kingdom and is responsible for applying advertising codes. They also handle complaints and check advertising to ensure they are not misleading, harmful, or offensive. Each year, the ASA releases a list of the most complained-about advertisements. Check their website and choose two from the top 10. Summarize the case and the outcome.

1. Access the ASA website (www.asa.org.uk) and locate the “News” section. Read through the list of recent news items. Find two that are interesting to you. Write a brief report about each case and comment on the benefits to either consumers or businesses. Provide the URL for the two news items in your report.

2. The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that has the responsibility of protecting consumers in Singapore. Access their website (www.case.org.sg) find the case study section, and write a short report on CASE rulings in these examples.


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