“Ad Alerts”

1. Access the CASE website again. In the “Company Alert” section of the site, select one of the businesses that are featured. Read the information for that business. Provide a screenshot of the report or save it as a file. Evaluate the business based on the report provided and discuss its usefulness to consumers.

2. Access the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASASA) website at www.asasa.org.za. Locate the “Rulings” section. Look through the recent cases the ASASA has investigated. Find two of interest to you. Write a report about each case, discussing the issues and the findings of the ASASA. Provide the URL for the two you selected

Access the “Ad Alerts” section of the ASASA website. Look through the recent cases the ASASA has highlighted. Find two of interest to you. Investigate the situation and the problems with the advertisement. Based on your own judgement, what might the Outcome be?


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