Finance accounting

The Randolph company has decided to acquire a new truck. One alternative is to lease the truck on a 4 year guideline contract for a lease payment of $10,000 per year, with payments to be made at the end of each year. The lease would include maintenance. Alternatively, the company could purchase the truck outright for $40,000 (depreciated under Straight Line Method), financing the purchase by a bank loan for the net purchase price and amortizing the loan over a 4-year period at an interest rate of 10% per year. Under the borrow to purchase arrangement, the company would have to maintain the truck at a cost of $1,000 per year, payable at year end. It has residual value of $10,000, which is the expected market value after 4 years, when the company plans to replace the truck irrespective of whether it leases or buys. The tax rate is 40%.

a) So what is the company’s PV cost of leasing?

b) What is the company’s PV cost of owning? Should the truck be leased or purchased?


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