Cost/benefit analysis

You are a physician and your daughter has always wanted to be a physician too She now wonders if she should invest the time and money in seeking this career path

What would you advise her as it relates to the following:

  1. The cost of medical education?
  2. The demand for the specialty of her choice? To answer this question, choose a random specialty but be specific about the details of that specialty
  3. The income potential to expect?
  4. The potential cost of liability insurance?
  5. The work schedule and “on call” potential?

This is not a paper just a discussion Please use in-text citations and list reference

Part 2:

You have been appointed as the administrator of a multi-specialty clinic The board of directors has decided to consider adding the services of non-physician providers such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners You have been assigned the project of developing a cost benefit analysis of how adding these providers will prove to be of value to the existing physicians

What must you include in this cost/benefit analysis? Why?

This is not a paper just a discussion Please use in-text citation and list reference


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