Industrialization and imperialism

  1. How were industrialization and imperialism related?

I Industrialization gave Europeans better weapons to use in conquering other peoples

II Industrialization forced Europeans to search elsewhere for more raw materials

III Industrialization created more goods, and Europeans felt they needed to open more markets abroad

AI, and II only

BII and III only

CI and III only

DI, II, and III

2The motives for European imperialism in the later nineteenth century include all but which one of the following?

AA self-imposed mission to civilize the backward nations

BNeed of the imperialists for colonial technologies

CNeed for raw materials in target societies

DTo ensure continuing access to foreign markets

3 Which of the following best characterizes standard Marxist doctrine?

AEconomic competition leads to the highest possible level of prosperity for all

BThe struggle between propertied classes and laboring classes is the determining force in all human affairs

CAny interference with the natural operation of supply and demand is harmful

DIt is possible to achieve social justice and economic equality within the capitalistic framework

2 points

4 David Ricardo’s concept of comparative advantage; British free trade policy, and Adam Smith’s idea of minimal government intervention in the economy conspired to

ARaise Chinese standards of living

BRationalize the 18th century industrial revolution in China

CTurn India into a British ally in the war against Pakistan

DInhibit industrialization in colonial societies

5 Which of the following is an historian that has concluded British imperialism was generally beneficial to the world, especially those who were subjects of the British Empire?

AJames Carter

BNiall Ferguson

CCaroline Elkins

DRichard Warren


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