Shareholder wealth & profit

Primary Function of Companies: Shareholder wealth &

Word count of 150 for each question

1 Values such as trust, spirituality, social consciousness,
sustainability, environmental protectionism, social responsibility, etc),
hypothesize the importance of two of these values as far as adding value to
customers and society

2 Synthesize three examples of how an organizational leader
can contribute to society through his or her leadership role in their

3 Some experts say that the focus of trustees and senior
leaders in “for-profit companies” should be on creating shareholder
wealth and maximizing profitability Other experts say the company must serve a
higher purpose and make a contribution to society Provide two arguments for
both sides of this argument with support from research

Project Y has initial cost of $10,000, and the discount rate for each project is 12% Expected cash flow is given below for project:

Year Project Y

1 6,500

3 5,000

4 3,000

Calculate NPV for this project


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