Finance forcasting

Your acquisition program expects to award a vehicle production contract in April 2017 The first item from this contract is expected to be delivered in January 2019 The estimated unit cost for each vehicle is $11 million (then-year dollars) and the contractor can deliver exactly 3 items per month beginning in January 2019 No advance procurement will be used for this contract.

What is the maximum amount that may be budgeted for the FY 2017 vehicle production contract that still complies with applicable DoD funding policies?

Your bank offers a savings account that pays 3.5% interest, compounded annually. If you invest $1,000 in the account, then how much will it be worth at the end of 25 years?

You would like to buy shares of Sirius Satellite Radio. The current ask and big quotes are $3.96 and $3.93 respectively. You place a market buy order for 500 shares that execute at these quote price. How much money did it cost to buy these shares?


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